Fully-automated virtual networking room for global communities

Focus on what matters to your business. SeeYouThere handles virtual networking between your members for you.

Easy. Stress-free. Fully automated speed-networking engine. 

How it works:


Participants enter their name, LinkedIn profile URL & answer 2 questions about WHO they are and WHOM they are looking to meet


Participants are sent for a series of 1:1 private video meetings. They always see the preview of their upcoming match shortly before.


When the last networking round ends, the room closes but attendees maintain access to profiles of people they have met and their chat transcripts.

Deliver what your participants want. In a fun & hassle-free way.

Meeting rounds
You can set your room to run up to 10 meeting rounds. Meeting rounds last 2 to 10 minutes, depending on Your needs.

A short break between meetings gives late-comers a chance to join in, and others to catch a breath, and make notes about the previous meetings. This break is 2 min long by default. You can extend it to up to 10 minutes. 

Matchmaking algorithm
Our matching algorithm does all the magic for you. It ensures that nobody meets twice during the same event & more importantly that people meet others based on their mutual match score.

Let your participants take control over whom they meet.

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Public beta version is now officially available. Get started today. Free-trial available.

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